Zundel of Chelm Vol. 3 – Comics

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Zundel of Chelm Vol. 3 – Comics


Product InformationZundel of Chelm Vol. 3Jewish Humor Seriously SpeakingHardcover | 9″ x 12″ | 55 Pages | ComicsWritten by: A. NeibaumIllustrated by: T. KatzPublished by: Gevaldig PublishersAbout this BookIt’s an emergency! I need a doctor! My wagon driver isn’t feeling well. Our tatty has lots of medical instruments. Let’s call him. Help me! It’s hard for me to breathe. First of all, don’t do anything that’s hard for you….Why are you turning the wagon so sharply? It’s scary. Because the medicine bottle says to shake it well before swallowing. I forogt to do that, so now I have to shake the wagon well so the medicine will be all shaken up in my body..You’ll learn when you read about Zundel’s day. Learn lessons to use at home, school, and play!

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Zundel of Chelm Vol. 3 - Comics

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