10 Inch Bamboo Skewer – 100 pack

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10 Inch Bamboo Skewer – 100 pack

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Bamboo Skewers are a versatile addition to any kitchen or bar. These 10″ skewers can be used to hold vegetables for Bloody Marys, fruit for tropical cocktails, or anything that you would like to throw on the grill. The sharp end makes it easy to stab almost anything you would like to cook or eat. Pack of 100.

  • Great for cocktails or grilling
  • Add vegetable skewer to bloody marys
  • Add tropical fruit skewer to tropical cocktails
  • Sharp end allows you to quickly stab fruits, vegetables, seafood, or meats
  • Soak in water before using on the grill

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  • 10 inch long skewer
  • Made of Bamboo
  • Pack of 100
  • One time use

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10 Inch Bamboo Skewer - 100 pack

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